Pre-Plant Design Low Linear Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) from Ethylene

LLDPE (Low Linear Density Polyethylene) plant is one kind of plant which is engaged in the petrochemical olefins industry. The main products of industrial olefin is ethylene and propylene. Both of these products are raw materials upstream petrochemical industry which further process these products include polyethylene and polypropylene became more commonly known as plastic ore. This product is processed by downstream petrochemical industry into items that have difference type and usefulness.

LLDPE Plant using technology licensed from union Carbide Chemical And Plastic Company Inc., (UNIPOL) of the USA. LLDPE plant to produce low density polyethylene through the gas phase polymerization process in a fluidized bed reactor, with a design capacity of 200,000 MT/yr.

In LLDPE plant, polyethylene produced by polymerization reaction in the fluidized bed reactor. The reaction is run at a temperature conditions 890C – 900C and pressure 23-24 atm. Raw materials and support used is ethylene, hydrogen, co-monomer (butene-1, and n-hexane), nitrogen, catalyst, TEAL (co-catalyst) and other additives.

Process in the LLDPE plant, consisting of three units: purification unit, the reaction unit and finishing units. Overview of the process as follows: raw materials before entering the reactor purified first, because the reaction in the gas phase is very sensitive to impurities. The polymerization reaction is an exothermic reaction, will generate heat at 800-900 kcal / kg of product. The heat coming out of the reactor is very high, so before entering the reactor, recycle and reactants must be cooled first. The exit gas from reactor (cycle gas) is circulated by using cycle gas compressors, to increase the gas pressure, then the gas is cooled in a cooler gas cycle. Polyethylene resins formed converted into pellets.


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