Optimization on Scheduling For Cleaning Heat Exchanger in The Heat Exchanger Networks


In the process at a plant that incorporating a heat integration for energy recovery, fouling or formation of deposits on the heat exchanger (heat exchanger) often cause operational problems in production (especially in the food industry). Such as increasing the energy consumption resulting in economic losses. Losses can be reduced if the cleaning is done on a regular basis.

The next problem is how to schedule the cleaning of the heat exchanger in an industrial complex to be efficient. Scheduling cleaning the heat exchanger can be based on knowledge of the thermal behavior of the fouling resistance against time.

In general, the research will be carried out aiming to make the calculation of mathematical models for optimization scheduling of cleaning heat exchangers in heat exchanger network (HENs) and its application in the chemical industry in general.

Given the increase in fouling is very closely linked to the function of time, in this study a mathematical model was developed to determine the amount of the cleaning action and the time in which the exchanger must be cleaned so that industrial operations can run optimally.

Keywords: Heat exchanger; scheduling; cleaning; optimization; heat exchanger network (HENs)

By : David Licindo


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