Students Name:

  1. Ilham Anugrah Permata (NRP. 2311 100 077)
  2. Hasan Ismaโ€™il (NRP. 2311 100 103)


Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS


  1. Prof. Ir. Renanto Handogo, MS., Ph.D.
  2. Juwari Purwo S., ST., M.Eng., Ph. D


Generally, processes in the industry have the characteristics of a multi-variable process, and influenced by the disturbances which may be detrimental to the process. The application of conventional control systems are often unable to cope linear problems and obstacles that are owned by industrial processes and produces poor performance. As demands for obtaining better production quality, we need a control system that is able to meet those needs. Model-based control system is a control system algorithm is developed to solve the problem – the problem in the industry as well as to get a good performance. Quadruple-Tank Modification 1 system that analyzed using Bernoulli equation, mass balance, and energy balance resulted a multivariable process, MIMO 4×4. This complex system represent the complexity process in industry. This system is suitable in laboratory scale to test the control with cheaper cost and safer. This system was programmed in NI LabVIEW. The transfer function was gotten by step test of openloop system. Using this transfer function, the tuning of PID Ziegler-Nichols and IMC-Based PID were found. Before it, the Relative Gain Array was analyzed to get the best pairing control. The result of the respond was compared with Integral Absolute Error (IAE) method. From this research was found that IMC-Based PID tuning results a better control than PID Ziegler-Nichols that shows a lower IAE number.

Key Words : Multivariable process, MIMO 4×4, PID Controller, Internal Model Control, Quadruple-Tank Modification I


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