Student Names:

  1. Devanata Patria Kresna        (2311 100 115)
  2. Muhammad Arisyi Hawari    (2311 100 162)


Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS


  1. Prof. Ir. Renanto Handogo, MS., Ph.D.
  2. Juwari Purwo S., ST., M.Eng., Ph. D


Reactor is an important equipment in chemical industry. Reactor converts raw material to be a product with chemical reaction. Design of reactor will depend on amount of the variable. One of the most common reactor in chemical industry is CSTR (Continous Stirred Tank Reactor). Big volume of single CSTR is needed when high level of conversion is desired but multiple CSTR in series is able to deal with that problem. The changing of intermediate conversion will change the total volume of mutiple CSTR in series. Assume that small volume of reactor will result low total cost, so this study will deteremine the configuration of multiple CSTR with minimum volume and perform an analysis of stability for each reactor on various kind of multiple reactor configuration by graphical analysis and analytical analysis. Based on the simulation, multiple CSTR with series configuration result smallest total reactor volume while parallel configuration result highest total reactor volume. Graphical analysis showed that the graph with one intersection is stable and analytical analysis showed the same result. If there are three intersection, the reactor has two stable point that is the lower and upper point but the middle point is unstable however the analytical analysis showed that only lower point is stable.

Key Words: Steady-sate, Intermediate Conversion, Multiple CSTR, stability


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