1. Indra Darmawan (NRP. 2311 100 180)
  2. Fadillah Akhbar M. (NRP. 2311 100 192)


Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS

Lecturer Advisor:

  1. Prof. Ir. Renanto Handogo, M.S., Ph.D.
  2. Juwari Purwo Sutikno ST., M.Eng, Ph.D.



Increasing competition in chemical and petrochemical process industry lead many companies to get more profit in dynamic global market. This lead process industries to optimizing their process to adapt with the dynamic global market requirements that can reduce process operating cost. Applying the optimization technology in the process industry can increase competitive profit. Real Time Optimization is an effective approach to improvise economical aspect of the process and reduce raw materials needed in chemical or petrochemical process industry. Real Time Optimization using an automated system to adjust operating condition of the process based on product scheduling and production control to maximize profit and minimize process emission by adjust the optimize set point to the distributed control system. This research is to evaluate distillation process of deethanizer column with dual reboiler in ethylene plant PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical using Real Time Optimization in ASPEN PLUS simulation software by modifying the utility operating condition to maximize the profit of the process. Prelimenary data based on PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical operating condition . This research begin with make the steady state and dynamic process model in ASPEN PLUS 7.3, then do the Real Time Optimization cycle by trial & error the operating condition to get the optimum set point of the process model compare to economical result. The Result of this Real Time Optimization research after through 156 hours of Aspen Simulation shows that duty of reboiler EA-401 (Hot Water) decrease about 6% from initial value to 6979,25 kW and duty of reboiler EA-402 (Low Pressure Steam) decrease 12,4% from initial value to 6052,37 kW. Top product ethylene slightly increase 0,2% from 0,827 to 0,829 mole fraction.

Keywords: Real Time Optimization , Economic, Deethanizer Column Simulation, Profit


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