1. Zulfatul Hanna (NRP. 2311 100 023)
  2. Anggun Dwi A. (NRP. 2311 100 035)


Chemical Engineering, FTI-ITS


  1. Juwari Purwo Sutikno ST., M.Eng, Ph.D.
  2. Prof. Ir. Renanto Handogo, M.S., Ph.D.


Plant model S-4 Yokogawa is a pilot plant that located in the Department of Chemical Engineering, ITS, which is a miniature of the automation control system level, flow, temperature, and pressure in the industry. These plant is used in practical applications for students of Chemical Engineering ITS. Control method that be used in the plant S-4 Yokogawa is still fairly simple e.g. proportional controller (P only) and a proportional-integral controller (PI controller). P-only controller usually be used in the control level, due to the offset at the level of control is not an issue. But, the addition of integral time can remove the offset that occurs in response in the control level. However IMC Controller will produce a faster response than the PI controller. Usually, linearization process is used to control non-linear processes. Time constant (τc) is an important parameter in IMC Controller. Therefore, with this study are expected to be generated better response in level and flow control using PI and IMC tuning Controller with Maximum Peak and Rivera without linearization process. The aim of this study is to get the level and flow control simulation Plant Model S-4 Yokogawa using the PI controller and IMC Controller with the appropriate parameters controls without linearization process, and to get the comparison results of tuning parameter using IAE method. The methodology of this research is begun by develop the process dynamic model of level and flow in Plant S-4. Furthermore, the model is simulated using LabVIEW. After that, system is controlled by PI and IMC controller where, IMC Based on PID Tuning Rivera, and Maximum Peak tuning are used. Then the result is simulated by LabVIEW. The final step is the setting parameter result of the process that obtained from level and flow process in Plant S-4 is analysed. Based on the simulation, the best control parameter (τc) for level control is 0,701 and for flow control is 0,401. While based on the calculation of IAE, the best controller using in the level and flow control are IMC controller, because the IMC Controller gives smaller IAE value than the PI controller with simulation time for level control is 1000 seconds and 120 seconds for flow control.

Keywords: Plant Model S-4, Level Control, Flow Control, IMC Controller, LabVIEW


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