PSE ASIA 2016 Tokyo

The International Symposium on Design, Operation & Control of Chemical Processes (PSE Asia) is a symposium held in Asia for researchers and practitioners in the field of process systems engineering. The first symposium was held in 2000 in Kyoto, Japan, and provided great opportunities to promote interactions and collaborations among researchers and engineers in Asian countries. After the success of the first symposium, PSE Asia has been held in Taipei (2002), Seoul (2005), Xi’an (2007), Singapore (2010), and Kuala Lumpur (2013).

The 7th symposium, PSE Asia 2016, will be held at the University of Tokyo, Japan from 24th July to 27th July 2016. In addition to oral and poster presentations on recent developments in process systems engineering, there will be several keynote presentations. We warmly invite you to attend the PSE Asia 2016.

Topics & Scopes

The symposium will include, but not limited to, following topics and scopes:

– Modeling and simulation

– Process and product design

– Process dynamics and control

– Process monitoring and safety

– Process operation and optimization

– Process integration and management

– Cyber-infrastructure and intelligent systems

– Energy systems and sustainability

– Food and pharmaceuticals

– Industrial applications

– Domain applications (biological, environmental, social, etc.)



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