Design Projects for Odd Semester 2016/2017

Process Synthesis and Simulation : Class A and E.

Group Project Name :
I Acetaldehyde from Acetic Acid
II Ethylene from Ethane
III Ethanol from Ethylene
IV Methanol from Methane
V Methylmethacrylate from Methacrylic Acid
VI Methylmethacrylate from Propyne
VII Hydrogen Peroxide from Hydrogen
VIII Polyvinyl Acetate from Vinyl Acetate
IX Polyvinyl Alcohol from Vinyl Alcohol
X Mini LPG Plant
XI Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen from Air
XII Monosodium Glutamate from Molasses
XIII Ethanol from Molasses
XIV Urea from Ammonia
XV Mini Plant Refinery Crude Oil
XVI Mini LNG Plant

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